Our data mining and reporting tools offer our clients complete transparency into the process and the marketplace. This allows clients to monitor and adjust their processes upstream, modifying manufacturing, packaging and product return protocols to lower their overall return rates and save money.


FastAsset works globally through a network of collaborative partnerships. As an example, we can ramp up 15,000 square feet in Louisville, Kentucky; 25,000 square feet in Havant, United Kingdom; and 250,000 square feet in Reynosa, Mexico with equal pace and efficiency. Wherever a client’s optimal supply-chain network happens to be, FastAsset can respond rapidly and with the greatest results.


All programs and reporting are tailored to the needs of each client and optimized to provide the most effective solution for their specific products. Every client seeks to balance various factors - from the need for optimal recovery, to the protection of sensitive customer data and the positioning of their brand in the after-market. FastAsset understands that while clients may manufacture and sell very similar products, these products can come with their own distinct markets and needs. Our programs are designed to accommodate this uniqueness with optimal results.

FastAsset provides cutting-edge supply-chain design, management and asset recovery solutions to consumer, network, and wireless electronics industry manufacturers and their retailer partners in North America. From product return to remarketing, and every step in between, our customized supply chain and remarketing solutions are working for some of today’s prominent brands and retailers.