Every product that goes to and comes from the market has its own specific challenges. Even more so as technology continues to evolve at an exponential rate. Today’s hot product is tomorrow’s closeout.

At FastAsset, we’re aware of these challenges and more. We’re also aware of the importance of protecting our clients’ brands. When we customize our reverse logistics solutions to fit the specific needs of our clients, their products, and their consumers, we also work smart to maximize the value of their brands in the aftermarket.

We triage, quality-sort, repair, refurbish, repackage, and manage in-bound and out-bound logistics. This includes the remarketing of refurbished items and salable components as well as the responsible recycling of end-of-life pieces or unsalable items.

FastAsset recovers value for our clients by taking ownership of the marketing and sales of their technology products into the global marketplace, providing all post-sale support as well. Critical to our clients’ success is our dedication to protecting our client manufacturers’ B2B and B2C channels to minimize the competition between similar new and refurbished products.

FastAsset provides cutting-edge supply-chain design, management and asset recovery solutions to consumer, network, and wireless electronics industry manufacturers and their retailer partners in North America. From product return to remarketing, and every step in between, our customized supply chain and remarketing solutions are working for some of today’s prominent brands and retailers.